Updates to site

We have made several updates to the site other the last couple of weeks and we just wanted to let everyone know about them. The updates are as follows:

  • The search results page has been updated with a new look for the top section of the page where the ‘refine search’ and result summary appears. The new look has been designed to make things clearer and more useable. We have also added a “sort results by” options to allow you to re-order the search results so you can find that special someone even quicker.
  • The “In Your Area” option on the members menu know only shows members in your area that are the gender you are looking for and that are looking for your gender. For example if you are man looking for a women, it will now only show you women looking for men in your area.
  • The “Viewed me” page now shows the location of the people that have viewed you.

We have more updates in the pipeline and we will of course update the blog when they are released. In the mean time if you have any requests leave a comment on the blog.

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