Update to photo adding process

We have just release an update to the site that we are quiet excited about. This update is to the photo adding part of the account settings. We have made two major changes to this. Firstly, the “upload” option has been greatly improved, both for the user and on the server side to improve the experience of uploading photos to profile. Secondly (and most excitingly) we have added a new options to get photos on your profile, the “Get from Facebook” option. To use this option, simply click the option and follow the instructions, it very simply.

If you have any problems or questions please email us at questions@completelyfreedating.co.uk.

Photo Upload Fixes

We have added some new code to the photo upload facility to make it more robust and able to handle different types of JPEG images better. So far these fixes appear to have been successful. More updates coming soon. As always, if you have any suggestions please remember to either leave a comment on the blog.

New photo upload facility

As we said yesterday, one of the things that came out of the members survey was that many members had been having problems uploading their photos to the site. Today we have completely re-engineered the photo upload facility to hopefully be easier to use and more reliable. You can now upload up to five photos at the same time and we have added some extra error capturing detect any issues and let us you what the problem is (e.g. wrong file format, etc…).

The editing of uploaded photos remains the same, simple click the photo and a little menu will appear with options to allow you to make the photo your main photo, delete the photo or add a caption to the photo.

We hope this change is useful and makes that part of the site easier to use, please feel free to leave a comment.