Members Survey Results

Firstly, a big thanks to everyone that took the time to answer our members survey, the response was good and the data very helpful. We wanted to share with you some of the insights we gained and let you know about some of the things we are going to change in the coming weeks to address problems identified by the responses.


Overall most members were satisfied with the site (about 80%) and the majority of members visit at least two or more times a week. There was a general consensus that the sites appearance is good, with a small minority having a small issue with the colour palette used on the site.

The main issue raised by the survey was related to the search on the site. About half the members where satisfied with the search but the other half where either undecided or dissatisfied with the search.

Most respondents through the messaging system on the site was good and either “very easy” or “somewhat easy” to use.

The forums were another point of contention with respondents. Nearly half were “undecided” on how easy they are to use and only 18% having actually posted. The main two reasons for not posting in the in forums, accounting for 60% together, was they hadn’t found anything worth commenting on or that they did not understand what the forum is for.

In terms of service to members, the vast majority had never contacted CFD for assistance however of the members that had the vast majority were completely satisfied with the service they received and the time it took to get a response. The main reason for contacting CFD was for assistance in uploading photos to the their profile.

The main thing that respondents say they liked about the site was the fact it is truly free. In response to the question about what people like least there was a wide range of different responses, however many again mentioned the search and again in response to the question about what could be improved, the vast major of people mentioned the search process.


Based on the responses to the survey we are going to spend a considerable amount of time looking at the search process on the site. We have already identified a couple of issues and also have some changes that we hope will improve the user experience with the search. As soon as these changes have been released to the site we will let you know via the blog and forums.

We are also going to look at making the photo upload process simpler and add the ability to obtain photos from different sources, like a mobile phone and online photo sharing services. Again once this is released we will let you know via the blog and forums.


If you have anything more you would like to let us know, please leave a comment below or email us at Thanks.

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