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We are trying to improve confidence in the site so that people looking for a site like ours know that we are genuine, good and well run site. One thing that will help us with this is having a good rating onĀ Web of Trust and being able to use their “trust seal” on our site. To do this we need more ratings on Web of Trust.

So, if you think we are a good, honest and trust worthy site then could I ask you to spare five minutes and rate us please.

irst you will need to register (if you are not already), using the link below:


Once registered and logged in, visit our score using the following link, rate us and leave a comment.


Thanks very much in advance.


Reporting a profile

One thing we seem to get quiet a bit feedback about from members is that there are lots of idiots, married people and scammers on the site and why don’t we do something about it. Well the truth is, where we can, we do.

Please don’t get us wrong, the site is not riddled with these types of people, the vast majority of members on the site are genuine, but there is always going to be a few that get past us and that is where you come in.

If you ever suspect a member of being a scammer, being married or if they are abusive to you please let us know, either by clicking the ‘Report Profile‘ button on their profile or by sending us an email to abuse@completelyfreedating.co.uk.

Don’t let these people ruin the site for you and the other genuine members.

All reports are taken seriously and treated in complete confidence.


Andrew & Debbie