New responsive design website now live

We are pleased to announce that the new Completely Free Dating website using the latest in responsive web design is now available for all four sites in the Completely Free Dating website family:

The new version of the website works seamlessly across a broad range of modern internet devices, from smart phones such as the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S5, to tablets like the iPad and Kindle Fire to laptop and desktop computers. It is the same site on all devices and it automatically adjusts to fit the screen size perfectly, to give you the best user experience no matter where you are without losing any functionality.

To achieve this we have utilised the latest in web technologies including Railo, HTML5, CSS3jQuery, Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap Validator and GulpJS.

As always, we love feedback so please leave any comments you have below, send them to us via email at or leave a review of the site over at Review Centre.

There are also more exciting updates to the sites coming soon, so keep a look out for those as well.

10% of Britons fall for scams

According to a new study published by the Office of Fair Trading, 10% of adults in Britain have fallen for a scam:

Really!!! To me that is shocking. Most scams are pretty obvious to spot and if you follow the golden rule, if it too good to be true then it is, I’m pretty sure that 99% of the time you will be fine.

Obviously online dating sites, like other social networking sites, are a hot bed for scammers, both home grown and from overseas, so keep your wits about you, read are dating safety advice articles and you should be fine. Remember, NEVER NEVER NEVER send money to anyone or give them your bank or personal details.