Fixes and updates

Over the last couple of weeks we have made a couple of amendments and updates to the site and we want to share these changes with you:

1. The search process

About a week ago we introduced a new search facility to replace the old one, which fixed some of the problems with the previous version and is more user friendly. On the search results page there is now a “refine search” box at the top of the page (instead of in the left hand column) which shows ALL the options you have selected and allows you to change them to refine your search and help you find exactly what you are looking for, quicker and easier than before. These changes where based on the feedback from the members survey we carried out recently.

2. Login speed

Also about a week ago we managed to identify an issue that sometimes caused the login process to take 10 seconds or more and sometimes completely fail. This has now been fixed and we have monitored it and since applying the fix the issue has not occurred.

3. Postcode data

Today we have applied an update to the postcode data we previous had. The new data is far more complete than the previous data set and has been made possible by the Ordnance Survey OpenData project which went live on April 1st (see BBC News). We would like the thank Ordnance Survey for being forward thinking and making this extremely useful data openly available.

These are all the updates for now, more are to follow and we will update the blog as and when they are applied. All comments are very welcome.