Sites migrated from Railo to Lucee server

Today Completely Free Dating are please to announce that we have successfully migrated all our sites from Railo to the new Lucee server. Completely Free Dating would like to thank the Lucee development team and the Lucee Association Switzerland for making the migration so easy and for continuing to support the CFML community with an … Continue reading “Sites migrated from Railo to Lucee server”

All sites now on HTTPS

We are pleased to announce that all our sites are now operating on HTTPS to ensure secure communications between your web browser and our servers. This means that whichever of the Completely Free Dating websites you are using your data will be encrypted while in transit across the internet. When accessing the site you will … Continue reading “All sites now on HTTPS”

Site Updates – November 2014

We have been making some updates to the site over the last couple of weeks and we wanted to share with everyone what these have been. Move to HTTPS We have move the whole of the Completely Free Dating UK site to the HTTPS protocol, which means that all communications between our servers and your device, be … Continue reading “Site Updates – November 2014”

New feature – Online

We have added the most requested feature to the site today, the ability to see if a user is online. This information is shown in several places, these include: On the search results page On the members profile In a message conversation when viewing it. This also gives you the ability to communicate in realtime with … Continue reading “New feature – Online”

New responsive design website now live

We are pleased to announce that the new Completely Free Dating website using the latest in responsive web design is now available for all four sites in the Completely Free Dating website family: Completely Free Dating UK Completely Free Dating Ireland Completely Free Dating Australia Completely Free Dating New Zealand The new version of the … Continue reading “New responsive design website now live”

Why won’t they commit to me?

You’re at that stage in your life where you feel ready to settle down with your partner and you truly believe you’ve found your soul mate, but for some reason your partner isn’t showing any sign of wanting to do the same. You might not be looking for marriage or children just yet, but it’s … Continue reading “Why won’t they commit to me?”

New look and messaging system

Completely Free Dating are pleased to announce the introduction of a new look and messaging system to all four Completely Free Dating websites. New Look The changes in the new look are quiet subtle, we have lightened up the background colour so it is not so overwhelming, rounded off some corners, added some drop shadows and changed … Continue reading “New look and messaging system”

Update to photo adding process

We have just release an update to the site that we are quiet excited about. This update is to the photo adding part of the account settings. We have made two major changes to this. Firstly, the “upload” option has been greatly improved, both for the user and on the server side to improve the … Continue reading “Update to photo adding process”